Proxy Access to children's medical records

When a child reaches their 11th birthday the proxy access service ceases.

Once a child reaches the age of 11 years, they are entitled to either give or withhold consent for parents/legal guardians to be able to access their online records.In the eyes of the law a child is a child until they reach their 18th birthday.  For the purposes of medical treatment, the boundaries are different and in some circumstances a child younger than 16 years may access medical services without the knowledge of their parents. In those cases the patient is entitled to retain their confidentiality.  In light of this and in all cases online proxy access will be withdrawn once the patient reaches their 11th birthday.  Text reminders of forthcoming appointments will also cease at that time as it is common for parents/legal guardians to list their mobile number on their child’s medical record.

This does not remove parental/legal guardian consent or involvement in their child’s medical health care. As a parent/legal guardian, you may continue to act on behalf of your child, where this is in their best interest. In some cases it may be appropriate for parents/legal guardians to continue to access their child’s record online, in cases such as those involving learning disabilities or complete repeat medications for example.

If you think you might have a justification to continue to access your child’s record, please contact the surgery to arrange a consultation/telephone call with your child’s usual GP to discuss with both yourself and the child concerned.

Published on 13 December 2023