Just found out your pregnant?

Just found out you are pregnant? Not sure what to do?

Dorset Local Maternity Service would like to know as soon as possible, so their midwifes can start supporting you. If you haven't already, the first thing you need to do is refer yourself to maternity services by completing a self referral form. You will then be contacted to arrange your 'booking' appointment, which will happen when you're around 8-10 weeks pregnant or as soon as possible if you believe your pregnancy is further along. There is no need to see your GP unless you have exisitng health problems. If you have any concerns before your booking appointments, you can contact the practice or NHS 111. If you have existing health problems, it is a good idea to see your GP when you find out you are pregnant so that they can review any medication you are taking and see if you need any additional care. 

To access the Maternity Matters Webpage to complete a self-referral form, follow this link: https://maternitymattersdorset.nhs.uk/refer/

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Pregnancy Self-referral

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Published on 4 July 2024