Update on the Closure of the Burton Site of Christchurch Medical Practice

The team at Christchurch Medical Practice have been made aware of incorrect information circulating on social media about our branch GP surgery located in Burton.

We want to make it clear that there has been no offer to buy the property from another GP practice, and the owners of the property are now going through usual processes to sell as a commercial property.

The building is privately owned, and the terms of the sale will remain private until the process is complete.

We will, of course, keep registered patients up to date with any progress about the closure of the site and until that time, access to general practice services will remain the same.

Access to high quality primary care services remains our key focus and we want to work with the local population and NHS colleagues as this year progresses to ensure a smooth transition ahead of this site closing, as such we would ask people not to speculate or continue to spread incorrect information as this can create confusion.

Published on 17 June 2024